Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dr Update

No, this is not my new dr... I wish!!
So I met with my new doctor today, who took over my worker's compensation treatment. He seems nice enough, but overwhelmed by all the new patients he has acquired. He was not up to speed on my chart at all.

I explained to him the current situation and he did some x-rays while I was there. The x-rays showed some soft tissue damage in my neck, but nothing that would explain the problems I am still having in my arm. He ordered a nerve conduction study and set up my next appointment on 11/21/11.

I have to admit this whole thing is very frustrating. It's nice they aren't rushing me back to work, when I can't even take my night-shirt off with my right arm, but it's frustrating to feel like we are making no progress in my treatment.

I am now out of FMLA, which means my job is no longer protected. I spoke to my workers comp adjuster about it, who I actually really like, and she told me the worse case scenario is I lose my job, I continue to receive workers comp payments until I am released by my doctor as able to go back to work, then I would be qualified for unemployment.

On a bright note, my brother is coming to town with his wife and my gorgeous nephews! Can't wait to see them!

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