Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Today has been a nice day. The weather was gorgeous and I have had the whole house open all day, enjoying the fresh air. Before too much longer it will be too cold to enjoy that!

Spent the evening catching up on Mike and Molly, one of my favorite shows. I just love Melissa McCarthy, she was so cute on The Gilmore Girls and she just shines on this show. She seems very comfortable in her own skin and I think she is gorgeous.

I should have worked on my book today but I didn't have the drive. I need to get back in my groove and stop wasting time. My Aunt asked today when she could preview chapter 1. I theory she can now, but I don't feel like it is ready and want her to be engrossed in it, not find it boring.

I talked to my claim adjuster today for my workers compensation insurance and everything is still on track. I am no longer covered under FMLA as of the last day of September, which makes me a bit nervous...but absolute worse case scenario is if they let me go, I will continue to receive my workers comp pay until the dr releases me back to work, then I will be covered under unemployment.

I am not sure what is going to happen. I have my last PT appointment tomorrow and my next doctors appointment is Wednesday. I would be surprised if he put me back to work but I know it will be coming soon enough. Frankly, the timing couldn't be worse. The next few months will be our busiest at work and I don't think I am going to keep up. Once I am released to full duty I will be handling an average of about 150 phone calls a day and typing 80+ words a minute non-stop for 7.5 hours straight.

Doing this will put me right back where I started. sigh

Another thing I am absolutely dreading is having to work with my ex. I seriously can not believe they hired him while I have been on leave. My bosses knew about how terrible our relationship was,  I can't believe I am going to have to see him on a daily basis.

Not only is it terrible they hired him, but it is even worse he applied! If I had applied to his place of work he would have flipped his lid.

Am I the only one out there who has an ex get a job at their current place of employment? If not, tell me what happened!

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