Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday at Jennifer's

I haven't been updating a whole lot over the last few weeks because I hadn't been feeling that inspired. I am happy to report that now I am feeling just wonderful over all.

My arm aside, the rest of me feels great! I finally gave in and joined a gym recently, and this is my second week going. I am aiming to go a min of 4 days a week, hoping for 5 and so far have done the min of 4. I am only doing cardio right now, but it feels so good! Sometimes it is hard to get going in the morning, but once I am there I am good. There have been a few times - like today- where I was half way through my work out and I was tired enough I wanted to quit! But, I didn't. I have all ready lost about 3 lbs and frankly my mind and body feel wonderful.

It has given me enough of a pick me up that I have been doing things around the house that have been neglected since my arm decided to go on strike. The art project I did in my last post probably wou,ld not have gotten done if I wasn't feeling so happy and I am excited to do more.

Being out of work for as long as I have been off, not seeing my work friends and having regular social interaction - in person- has really taken it's tole on me. Not only has it sucked out my energy, but it also sucked out my creativity, I have had a terrible time writing over the last month.

Luckily I feel like i am getting back to my old self, if not a new and improved old self and I am even feeling the inspiration to write again. So exciting!

Yesterday I went and saw my hair dresser extraordinare and she took my hair to a light brown and put in golden blonde highlights. I am working my way back to my natural color and I solemnly swear to never dye it brown again. No offense to my brunette readers, I think brown hair is beautiful, it is just soooo is not me. ;o)

It's a little overcast here today, but since I am home from the gym and freshly showered, I think I might just stay in the rest of the day, maybe do a little writing and work on some of my art projects.

Since it is Thanksgiving week, it is only appropriate to think about the things I am thankful for.
  • my health
  • my mother
  • my friends
  • my father
  • my family
  • my new church
  • my renewed relationship with God
  • my happiness

What are you thankful for?

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  1. I'm thankful for my sweet daughter, my handsome son, and my wonderful, thoughtful husband who makes me so happy!


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