Friday, December 09, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Hello, my lovies!

How much do you love Fridays? They are the third best day of the week. Just popping in to let you know i have three fun craft projects in the works! Two done, one almost done and I will be posting about them soon. Two are Christmas decor centered!

I also had my nerve conduction study done today. There seems to be no nerve damage done to my arm. They also performed an EMG. I didn't not realize they would be jabbing needles about an inch into my arm and neck. Needless to say....very painful. Also had a bit of disturbing news while there, but don't quite feel up to discussing it just yet.

Heidi's mom had a pretty good day today, so let's continue to keep Ursula and Heidi in our prayers.

My best,

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