Saturday, December 03, 2011

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree!

I am so pleased with my Noble Fir Christmas tree. It is 7' tall and so full, and of course it smells divine! This year I was able to place it right in front of my large picture window, so the lights are visible from the street.

My dad was sweet enough to come over and help me get the tree home, as well as put it in the stand for me.

As with any "perfect" Christmas tree, there is bound to be a imperfection somewhere. I found since I am only 5'2" that I didn't properly check out the the upper part of the tree. I found a bit of a sparse area at about 6' and then the tippy top was a bit funny looking. Hmmmm.

So, I got out my clippers, my handy-dandy step ladder and some fake pine greenery.

I trimmed a little here and a little there. Each snip made it look so much better! I felt like Edward Scissorhands!  In retrospect, I should have stopped 4 snips before I did...oh, well! Live and learn, right? I stuffed in the fake greenery in the sparse spots on top, and presto-chango! It looks so much better now!

Andrea came over yesterday morning with Colin and Cason, and they all gave it their seal of approval. In fact, Andrea is not so secretly lusting after my Noble, since her DH brought home a very sparse Silver Tip this year. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if her hubs wound up in the tree stand instead. *snicker*

I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas decorating! I know I am. What is your favorite part about the Christmas season?

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