Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sweet Sunday

What a lovely day it was today! Although very chilly, it was so sunny. I went over to my Aunt Patty's house and joined in on her candy making party with my cousins. We had a nice afternoon and I made two more batches of my rocky road fudge. It was delish! I want to take a batch for Heidi and her mom to enjoy,  so I have an extra large plate set aside for them.

My cousin Johnna was there with her daughter, as well as my cousin Bev, who brought her great nieces. Aunt Patty kept us fed with yummy pizza from Round Table.

The little kids wanted to ride my cousin Amanda's horses, so they went out to the field. I tugged on my Aunt's too small boots, but I was determined to ride!

I haven't been riding in years, although I adore horses and love to ride. Naomi, the horse above, has been acting a bit off so I didn't ride her. She is so pretty and petite though!

Amanda helped me get on Peanut and I rode him for about a half hour. He is handsome and such a good boy. She has him well trained.

Since I am off work for awhile, I offered to come over more often and help her exercise the horses. They are only about 10 minutes away and I should take advantage of it!

I am also very excited because I found out tonight that I am getting a wall added in my I will have a laundry room!! I am so thrilled you don't even know!

I will take pictures of the before and after to share with you.

On a more serious note, please continue to keep Heidi and Ursula in your prayers. Heidi has so much on her shoulders right now, it's more than any one person should have to bare.

All my best,

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