Monday, January 23, 2012

Hutch & Dresser Love

I am so excited, I will be purchasing my first hutch on Thursday, for my first furniture redo! I have always been a little intimidated at the thought of painting furniture, but after seeing so many great redos out there, I am finally biting the bullet.

The price on this is great, they are asking $60 and I am getting it for $50. The only negative is the back part of the hutch is mdf, looks like the original back was replaced. However, I plan to cover it with either beadboard or paintable wallpaper so I am not too worried about it.

What do you think? Doesn't it have great potential?

I also hope to be picking up this dresser at a thrift shop on Thursday. It is an ugly color of green but I fell head over heels with all of the detail in the wood. I plan to paint it black and will probably place it in my living room. So excited to see what these will look like after some love!

What color do you think I should do the hutch to match my kitchen? I have been thinking about black, because I had planned on painting my kitchen table black.

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  1. eeee that's so exciting Jennifer! Can't wait to see the finished pieces, those are great finds! Especially the hutch for 50 bucks!!! I'm working on one right now but I went with white because it's HUGE so I wanted to keep it light.


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