Friday, October 21, 2011

10 random things about your truly

I had to include a picture of my freshly pedicured toes
so you could see they don't look freaky, they
can just do freaky things! :o)
  1. I once was so distracted talking on my cell phone that I not only left my keys in the ignition but I also left my car running while I was in the store!
  2. I thought I was a wonderful singer until the age of 11 when my mother had me sing into a coffee cup and my voice bounced back at me!
  3. I can pick small things up with my toes; i.e. remote, pen
  4. My first car was a 1974 volvo!
  5. I can drink champagne at any time of day, love it!
  6. I secretly aspire to be the worldwide Rummikub champion!
  7. I still know the words to all of the old songs by New Kids on the Block. -_-
  8. I am a huge softie and cry pretty easily.
  9. When I was 13 I wanted a pair of zebra print string bikini underwear but my mom wouldn't let me have them. I snuck and bought them anyways. LOL
  10. I love to eat chocolate almonds with my movie popcorn!

Share a random fact about yourself with me!


  1. Great list! Chocolate almonds with movie popcorn, huh? I'm more of a Milk Duds girl!

    Random fact you might not know just from dropping in quickly on my blog....I am a twin and so is my husband. We are also both the "Baby A's". But, no, my sister did NOT marry his brother.... =)

    Have a great weekend, and I'm SO GLAD my testimony post inspired you - there was a situation that unfolded with a friend of mine that day that really fired me up about the topic. =)

  2. Obviously I will have to ground you for those zebra string bikinis.

  3. BTW, about that coffee cup. It had to be done. There were birds outside that were committing suicide.


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