Thursday, March 03, 2011

West Sunset at sunset

 I am so tired but I have had the best day. I was up at five this morning and have been going non-stop! I didn't give myself enough time to eat before I left for the airport, so I was starving.

I was so tired I look like poo!
The flight from here to LAX was smooth. I was bouncing in my seat in the way there. Silly, I know, but it has been so long since I did something like this for myself and this trip is just what I needed after my split with my ex to get me out of my funk. Plus, hello!!! True Blood and seeing their panel at Paleyfest, meeting Alex in person?? What more could a woman ask for?

The weather was perfect when I landed and I had no trouble getting my luggage and finding the right shuttle to take me to my rental car. I had a complete blonde moment at the car rental place and bought the insurance to cover the rental, and had I been thinking I would have declined because of course my auto insurance covers this. That was $140 down the tube! I called them later when I realized my error but the only way to cancel it was to go back in and honestly I didn't want to waste my trip driving all the way back to the airport.

Anywho, once the car was locked and loaded I used the handy dandy navigation on my phone and headed to Long Beach. I must have been blessed today because I had no traffic problems. I rocked out to Pandora and reached Alex's Bar in no time. I passed through a pretty shady area on the way there but frankly I didn't care. Still totally on my vacation high!

I got there at 11 in the morning so of course they weren't open, but no big. I was interested in seeing the outside on my way to the Queen Mary and I know they film the interiors on The Lot now.

It was a bit surreal seeing the place where so many scenes from the show have taken place.

After I snapped a few pics I drove through the "hood" to reach Long Beach Harbor.

I knew the Queen Mary was huge, but seeing it in person was a completely mind blowing experience. I couldn't even capture the entire length of it on my camera. It was majestic!

I had planned on eating lunch in one of their renowned eateries, but unfortunately I did not do my research ahead of time and they were closed, so I had to settle for so-so pizza from their little canteen. I ate on the deck around noon and I was so famished I barely tasted it.

It was a chilly on deck but walked around for awhile and took it all in.

Once I had my fill of the ship, I hopped back in my car and headed back over the bay and into the downtown area. I loved it! It was so gorgeous. Blocks of cute shops and rows of even cuter houses. I could have spent all day checking them out but I wanted to get back to Los Angeles and head into Hollywood and check in at the hotel.

While rocking out and driving back, I noticed my arms looked splotchy. Upon closer inspection I realized that the spray tan I had got the night before had turned out really bad. Like REALLY BAD. I almost had a heart attack, I had a slinky black dress to wear to the even Saturday night and I didn't want to look I had a skin disease!

I racked my brain trying to figure out what to do when "Sunset Tan" came into mind. I used to watch that show on E!. So, I looked them up and discovered they were over on West Sunset, not too far from where I was. I called and spoke to a really nice lady there, explained the problem and she told me she could see me in about a half hour and she was also going to give me their special web deal. Score!

While I killed time I went by one other exterior location for True Blood, which also happens to be my favorite one. "Alcide's" apartment in Jackson. Not the I am a fan of "Alcide", because he really isn't my thing, but I loved the outside of this apartment building.

It is seriously stunning in person. When I move to Hollywood I want to live there. It is on a really quiet, shaded street, not too far from all the action.

I snapped some great photos and then popped over to Sunset Tan, praying for a miracle.

I have to say, they did not disappoint! The girl was sweet and made me feel very comfortable stripping down. She clucked over my tan splotches and assured me she would fix them right up. She did an awesome job and she even air brushed a six pack on my tummy! Nice! She warned me that since I had just had a job done last night, that my skin might be extra dry, so I should use gentle wash on my face and body and stay super moisturized.

Once done there, I popped across the street to look in H & M for awhile. Super cute clothes. I walked out the back door and into the cutest patio area, which turned out to be the courtyard for a few businesses, along with Equinox, the celeb hotspot gym- namely Alex Skarsgard. The weather was still perfect, so I grabbed a drink, relaxed at one of the cafe tables and people watched for awhile, in between reading my nook and checking email.

It was about 4 by this time so I decided I should head to the hotel, check in and relax for awhile.

The hotel was further out than I expected and I decided next time I am just going to pay a little extra and book one in the heart of WestHo. It isn't that much more expensive and it would be much more convenient.

Also in a much better area. *lol* When I talked to my mom earlier tonight she asked where I was staying and I told her. The hotel itself is very nice and safe, but the surrounding area isn't the best. She said "You aren't past such and such street... ARE YOU?!" and I responded with, I don't think so...Well, come to find out when I went out later I am about 5 streets PAST such and such street, but I think I will wait until I get home to tell her that. Poor mom.

So, I settled into my room, made my game plan for the next day, cleaned up, went to grab some food and tooled around in WestHo, checking out the city at night. All in all, a fabulous first day and I am so excited for Saturday!

Off to bed, it has been a long day!

Below is a slideshow of shots from the Queen Mary. Enjoy!

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