Monday, October 17, 2011

Random thoughts

I was reading on this website about how if you are working for them, you have the opportunity to work in an exchange program overseas for a few months. How amazing is that?

They have locations in Sweden, Austrailia, Norway, Germany, U.K., etc. I would love to do something like that! So, it got me to thinking this can't be the only company that offers this. I have been wanting to travel outside of the US so badly, what an opportunity this could be! Of course the trouble in this economy is finding a job with a company that offers this.

Bonnier does have some US openings, but nothing in California. I wonder how I can find out about more programs like this?

If anyone has any suggestions please leave me a message!

On a quick side note, I am watching the most recent episode of SVU, T.R. Knight was amazing on it! I would love to see him on tv again.

As you can tell from these pictures, I love the way cities look at night. What city holds your favorite night scape?

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