Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Oh yes, it is the magical time of year again! The celebration of the birth of the wondrous me!

I know you are all asking yourselves how you ever survived before I was in your life. (While my dear mother is asking herself how she possibly survived rearing me!)

When I turned 30, I cried. Like buckets of tears. I couldn't believe I was leaving my 20's. I felt like 30 was the beginning of the end. Dramatic, I know.

Today I turn 26+10 and I have to say, so far I have survived my 30s. Although I have a hard time saying that I am 26+10, at least I don't feel the need to lock myself in a dark room and wail. Not yet.

My birthday is a tough one to celebrate, situated inconveniently 5 days before Christmas. Parents, I recommend thinking about this when you consider conceiving in March. Really, it's cruel.

Heidi and I in pre-school
My parents always did a great job throwing parties for me while I was growing up, but we very rarely had them on or sometimes even near my birthday, considering it fell over Christmas break and most people just weren't around. I often dreamed of having a summer pool party and was so envious of my friends that did.

Now that I am older, wiser, and less self-involved I truly enjoy-who am I kidding, I still want the pool party, darn it!! Throw in some hot cabana boys and I would be set!

In all seriousness, reflecting over this last year, a lot has changed. This time last year I was coming out of a long relationship and frankly not very happy. I dreaded Christmas.

Andrea and me junior year
This year has been full of life lessons, great friends and new adventures. I have reconnected with way back when friends (Heidi) and grown even closer with my every day friends (Andrea). I have developed a better relationship with my father and step-mother, as well as my sisters, Kristen and Katy.

I have begun to write again and started this blog, which I am enjoying so much! I also had the extreme pleasure of meeting one very tall, handsome and sexy Swedish actor, Alex Skarsgard.

Really, what more could a girl ask for? Prada, Gucci, Manolo...


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  1. Happy Birthday Jennifer!!!
    I hope you have a very special day. We all enjoy our "special" day! :)
    Thanks for the comment on my blog & for becoming a follower! :)
    Merry Christmas too!


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