Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011!

Clockwise: Gale, Kristen, Derek, Katy, Jennifer & baby bro
Merry Christmas, everyone! The presents have been feverishly unwrapped and breakfast devoured. My little baby brother is currently playing inside his play house, dressed head to toe in his new camo gear, new wallet tucked into his pocket, headlamp around his forehead and binoculars on his wrist. Gale, my step mother, is decorating the outside of the house (it's made to be colored) and my dad is working on the roof.

Kristen is reading her new book "Love Has A Face", Katy is showing us pictures of the view from her new pad, and my big little brother Derek is trying to figure out Kristen's camera.

Umm... this is all for ME?!
Frittata and Apple Crisp
It has been a truly wonderful Christmas.

In the pandemonium that is Christmas morning, I forgot to start my frittata! Thankfully it was quick to throw together and Kristen chopped the veggies while Derek fried up the bacon. I will post a recipe tomorrow, it turned out amazing.

Key point- don't panic about breakfast Christmas morning. No one is worried. Throw a frittata together and it will be delicious. If you have time, make an apple crisp ahead of time. Gale prepped one and baked it this morning-it was delish.

All my love,

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  1. Merry Christmas
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    Carolyn xx


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