Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Tonight I hosted my first Christmas Eve dinner.

It was last minute, but thankfully my sis Kristen saved my buns. She loaned me the chargers, dishes and table cloth.

The white center bowl is actually repurposed! I found it in the garage, it belonged to my Grandma. It was an unattractive color of cream with gold. I repainted it white this morning and am so incredibly happy with how it turned out. I love the detail on the outside of it. I will get so much use out of it.

I dropped some cute little ball ornaments from the Dollar Tree in and topped it with some cranberry sprigs and cinnamon scented pine cones. I got the cute center place mat at Walmart.

My mom, Ron, Derek and Grandma came over and enjoyed my now famous my taco soup with fresh wheat rolls. We drank some champagne and had a wonderful visit.

Our tradition has always been to do Christmas on Christmas in my mom's family, so after dinner it was present time!
Granma's favorite present, hands down was her tin of popcorn. She loves caramel popcorn. I could barely get the plastic off the tin before she was trying to bite my hand. Just kidding. :o) But she was absolutely in heaven.

Seriously, Grandma is looking amazing for 91! And no, she does NOT color her hair.

He contemplated it for a long time.
Derek is always complaining to mom about the cheapy TP he and his roomies buy, being in his second place and a poor kid.

He was so excited when he opened one of his presents from mom!

I also purchased a mixer for him. Derek is actually quite the cook and has recently decided he might be interested in baking, so a mixer for a burgeoning baker is a must!
My mom purchased a hat for my step-dad, Indiana Jones style. My mom thought he looked very handsome, as did I. Awww, look at them! Still so as in love today as the day they got married.

One day I hope to have the type of marriage they have. Such an inspiration!

Tonight I am staying the night over at my dad's with my sisters, that way we can get up early in the morning and open presents with my little brother, who is so excited about Christmas.

Off to make some yummy adult drinks!

Enjoy the Christmas season, my readers!

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