Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Prayer Request

Please pray for Heidi and her mother, Ursula. They are at the hospital where Ursula is being admitted for possible pneumonia and heart problems. They have had a really tough week.

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  1. Hi!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! :) I really did LOVE the Hunger Game Trilogy. Honestly I've thought about the books every day since I finished reading them!!

    Well to you latest post, I actually probably am one of the last people on earth not to have a smart phone! Not by choice but because we are trying to pay some bills off before upgrading. I do text alot & send pics via messaging.
    I do think it would be very nice to have the two options as keyboard & the touch screen. It sounds like the best of both!
    I do believe I will choose an iPhone only b/c Verizon offers it & we have excellent coverage here in rural Florida...aka living out in the country!
    I hope you like your new phone!!!

    P.S. please let me know if you read the books & whether you liked them or not!! It honestly was like nothing I've read before. I'm kind of a Nicholas Sparks kinda girl. ;)


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